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Our Focus

Founded in 2000, ERACCE exists to eliminate structural racism and create a network of equitable Antiracist institutions and communities. 


The mission of ERACCE is to eliminate systemic racism and build antiracist multicultural diversity within Michigan institutions by providing education, networking, technical assistance, and supportive resources to the region.


The vision of ERACCE is a state of Michigan in which all institutions are fully inclusive and transformed, and exist within a fully inclusive and transformed society. In this vision, all institutions and the wider community have overcome systemic racism and all institutional life reflects full participation and shared power with diverse racial, cultural, and economic groups in determining mission, structure, constituency, policies and practices. There is full participation in decisions that shape the institution, and inclusion of diverse cultures, lifestyles, and interests. There is a sense of restored community and humanity.


  • The work of ERACCE is based upon a systemic analysis of racism and its individual, institutional, and cultural manifestations;

  • ERACCE seeks to be accountable in its work to those who share a common analysis of racism, and especially to communities of color;

  • ERACCE understands its antiracism work to be part of a national and global movement for racial justice and social equity;

  • ERACCE recognizes that resistance to racism also requires resistance to all other forms of social inequity and oppression.


Training & Education:

ERACCE is dedicated to organizing and facilitating antiracism workshops, providing mentorship, and transferring knowledge to individuals and institutions interested in resisting and dismantling structural racism and other forms of oppression. ERACCE creates conditions in which individuals understand, integrate, and act upon antiracist history, language, analysis, and practice, and engage in processes of transformative work within their institution(s).

Organizing & Networking:

ERACCE cultivates the connections and conditions by which individuals discover their self-interest in antiracism work. These interested individuals are supported in becoming impassioned intermediators within their institutions. ERACCE partners with these individuals to build invested institutions that commit the resources and mandates necessary for their institution to claim and live into an antiracist identity.  

Consulting & Technical Assistance:

ERACCE provides antiracism training and organizing technology, capacity building, critically culturally competent data analysis services, and leadership development resources to individuals and institutions interested in addressing systemic racism.


Since 2000 ERACCE has been providing organizing, training, and consulting to institutions interested in dismantling racism. A key strategy for institutional organizing is creating internal Antiracism Transformation Teams (ARTTs) that have the capacity to analyze internal policies and procedures that maintain white power and privilege, and help to create an intervention strategy to dismantle oppressive systems and practices. Through this work, we strive to create and strengthen structures of accountability to antiracist communities of color and other socially oppressed groups within the institution and in the wider community.

Intersectionality of Oppressions

Racism is a form of oppression that intersects with other forms of oppression, including sexism, heterosexism, classism, and ableism in complex ways. Therefore, resistance to racism requires resistance to all other forms of oppression. Antiracism is an inclusive and anti-oppressive framework that addresses the intersections of oppression in order to address the full complexity of dismantling racism. Fighting for all forms of social justice is more effective when one takes into account how racism operates within other systems of oppression.

Institutions With Whom We Have Worked

Governmental/Municipal: Kalamazoo County, Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo County Department of Human Services, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety

Educational: Kalamazoo Public Schools, Portage Public Schools, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency, Parchment Public Schools, Albion College, Wayne State School of Medicine

Housing: Habitat for Humanity, Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan, Kalamazoo Collective Housing

Philanthropy: Kalamazoo Community Foundation

Faith-based: North/West Lower Michigan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Community of St. Joseph Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, People’s Church (Unitarian Universalist), Wesley Foundation, Sunnyside United Methodist Church, and On Common Ground of Three Rivers

Health/Medical: Bronson Hospital, Borgess Medical Center, Barrien County Health Department

Food Justice: People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo, Fair Food Matters, Fair Food Network, Good Food Battle Creek

Non-Profits: Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, ISAAC (Kalamazoo area Gamaliel Foundation affiliate), Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative, Michigan United, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, Hispanic American Council, Black Heritage Society, YWCA of Kalamazoo

Our Anti-Oppressive Values

ERACCE is grounded in a shared antiracism analysis and embraces the principle of shared antiracist leadership that is accountable to and supportive of the leadership of people of color.  ERACCE is committed to building our collective antiracist identity, accountability, and relationships that replace individualistic institutional practices with strong antiracist people of color and white collectives. The four core values that inform our work are: 

  • Both/and thinking with a bias toward action.

  • An abundant worldview that uses resources responsibly.

  • Transparent communication that guards personal integrity.

  • Cooperation and collaboration that nurtures individual creativity.

ERACCE workshops are designed to reveal how systemic racism plays a role, in often-unseen ways, in the creation and maintenance of barriers to authentic and accountable multicultural diversity and racial justice. We’ll help you struggle with the tough questions and equip you with the skills to dismantle racism and transform your organization. To learn more about our trainings, check out our workshop menu. For upcoming training dates and details, please visit our calendar of events.

Stay informed with ERACCE E-NEWS!

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